Get Human Friendly

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Before the elections, I created an anti-Trump campaign with Jean Jullien. Unfortunately, our idea didn’t save the country but it led me to work with Jean and some other amazing people along the way.

I wrote a Medium post about it here, explaining how the idea was born and made.

The website is still live. I hate to take you to another page. But it’s a better experience than looking at the screenshots.

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Clio Awards featured the story.

#GetHumanFriendlyID is an anti-discriminatory & charity project, “inspired” by Donald Trump’s Nazi-eque ideas on how to “Make America Great”, remastered by a Jew, a Mexican and a Muslim from Brooklyn who have a different idea of what “great” is.

With your “HUMAN FRIENDLY ID you can show your support to MUSLIMS, MEXICANS, ASIANS AND ALL OTHER PROUD CITIZENS who peacefully live in the United States of America.

Human Friendly ID, also brings special benefits & discounts to those who have it, not to mention social awareness, understanding, unity, and love amongst other things.

Human Friendly ID is a social experiment that invites everybody, to think about the true meaning of “Tolerance”, “Peace” and “Love”.

This is an open invitation to all individuals who wants to take action. If you are an artist, writer, designer coder, developer, singer, musician, a venue owner please feel free to join us, we need you.